Following Jesus is a 3D movie animation with instrumental music, 9 chapters created to establish a direct relationship with God in the secret place of prayer, inspiring spontaneous songs from the Holy Spirit.

You can reach the miracle of your life, you just have to believe that Jesus will do it for you.

Praise and Worship Ministry

Mi my first ministry is my family, always hand in hand and direction of God I do my best to put into practice every teaching and discipleship members. Useless to study, read and receive discipleship but put it into practice first with my family, then with the world. God help us always.

The Holy Spirit is my best friend. I invite you to take My CoffeeCup with God.

An experience in Intimacy with God that can transform your life forever

Intimacy with God

I want to share all the days of my life, my coffee with God, and hear his voice, having an intimate moment, talking in his presence, invite you into my life and take together "My Coffee with God".

It is at that moment, when I take my coffee with God, in my secret place where I can speak without fear, deliver my human weaknesses, hear his voice and fill me with your Holy Spirit..

His presence, sing and praise is my greatest desire, feeling his coat dedicate this beautiful melody.

Mi café con Dios

Siguiendo a Jesus / Trailer

Pidan y se les dara

Karima, Padre Nuestro en Warao

Espíritu Santo, mi mejor amigo

Llamen y se les abrira la puerta

Worship Ministry

All I want to do with the forces of God, following Jesus and the Holy Spirit, my best friend. I believe in the family as the first ministry of life and always willing to go forward hand and direction of God, who can do everything without limits, believing His Holy Word: "The Bible". I am a Christian committed to what I speak and declare. Not easy, but in the love of God I got here and I move full of fire of the Holy Spirit, my best friend.

I belong to the Prince of Peace Ministries International (Movement MOVIUC unit). My spiritual covering are my shepherd Jesus and Neida of Golina. Our Ministry grows according to the will of God who have come to have a close relationship of love and understanding, knowing that my greatest commitment is obedience. I pray for our authorities and people in authority. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" Psalm 23.



For an invitation to his Ministry, contact Marssell Petit in Venezuela to the telephone number: +58(412)1441836 (Venezuela & Colombia)

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